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Diagnosis of Internet connection

It happens that's the connection offered by the ISP, doesn't meet the requirements described in the contract. Before you report the complaint to the ISP, it is good to check your Internet connection speed. With our service speed-test-internet.com you can measure the Internet bandwidth quickly and efficiently.

Measurement the speed of your link will give you the following information:

  • Speed ​​Download - download data from the server to your computer
  • Upload speed - sending data from your computer to a remote server

Service speed-test-internet.com not only allow you to measure your Internet connection bandwidth, but also saves the results and displays the history of measurements. This way you can regularly check your connection speed and compare the current measurement with previous measurements.

Example of history measurements

Service also draws a histogram of measurements of Download and Upload. With the visualization of measurements using the histogram, you can check what are the mean of download and upload measurements and what is their dispersion.

Example of history measurements

Some important tips for testing the speed of the Internet

  • The most reliable test results you will get when all the other Internet connection will be closed and will be running as few programs as possible. Before run test it is therefore necessary to turn off each program which use the Internet.
  • Perform several measurements at different times.
  • Regularly test speed of Internet connection, use the history of measurements and their histogram.

When the Internet is slow...

Please note that in order to lodge a complaint to the ISP is not enough only one measure the speed of your link. it Is best to perform at least 10 measurements at different times of day and different days of the week. Reklamując usługę dostępu do Internetu przedstaw ISP historię swoich pomiarów. In your complaint to an ISP Internet attache the history of its measurement.

With no guaranteed bandwidth fluctuation of transfer should be no more then about 20% of purchased transfer. Larger decreases in transfer may indicate a failure. This fact should be reported immediately to your ISP.